Enradius Services 

We are a dedicated team of experts helping hundreds of clients navigate the world of local programmatic ad buying and geo-targeting.  Transparency is critical.  Working with the Enradius team allows you to easily adjust and optimize your campaign strategies. We won't simply run a campaign. We create the strategy, and closly monitor performance, recommending shifts in strategy to make sure you are maximizing available impressions and finetuning your conversion strategies along the way.  Enradius provides an efficient local programmatic service and offers top level implementation and knowledge to our clients and agency partner clients alike.

Facebook Advertising 

Enradius helps clients reach users on social media through Facebook advertising display and video ads; Facebook advertising delivers messages from businesses to help reach people, who matter most to them; Users can be targeted as close as a 1-mile radius of a location to help promote your product or upcoming event.  We have facebook advertising packages that can help national and or local businesses.

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Mobile Ad Delivery 

Today, nearly two thirds of all Americans own a smartphone. These smartphones are steadily beginning to serve as the main connection to the world of online information. Enradius can reach your customers on multiple mobile devices with targeted advertising campaigns that work for you and your budget

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Video & Pre-Roll 

Enradius’ online video solutions are not only raising eyebrows, but delivering incredible results!  On average, online video ads are receiving three times the number of clicks than other digital ad formats.  Local programmatic video advertising is one of the fastest-growing online opportunities.Enradius wants to be your partner. Rely on us to effectively and efficiently position your messaging to your target audience.

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Geo-Fencing is technology that provides advertisers the ability to choose a geographic point and then create a virtual "fence" around that point.  Enradius can help define your fence.  Whether you are an office products reseller, a medical device company, or an advertising company that wants to reach a corporate location,  we can help brand you close to the client inside or outside their building. Retailers reach prospects within 1,000 feet of their location. The possibilities are amazing. Click to learn more....

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Native Advertising 

Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Native advertising is using engaging content to redirect audiences. By getting readers to click on relevant stories, marketers drive additional traffic and engage new audiences.

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Programmatic & RTB 

Businesses are bombarded by multiple media companies wanting to sell re-targeting/behavioral digital campaigns but who have huge mark-ups.  We do targeting differently. We realize digital marketers have overwhelming levels of inventory and each customer connection happens on a different device and on different media channels. That’s why we created our local programmatic advertising program.  We offer a cost effective Real-Time-Bidding product for SMB's without a large monthly minimum.

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Local Directory Submission 

Enradius can get your business location(s) listed properly across all the search engines, local mobile platforms and GPS services.  Potential customers are looking on search engines, social networking sites, GPS systems, tablets, phones, local apps every minute of every day.

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Enradius will provide your business with a container tag that will retarget your message across our advertising publisher network, including AOL, Facebook, Google, AppNexus,, and YouTube reaching over 95% of the internet publisher inventory available.  

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