Facebook Advertising

Enradius helps clients reach users on social media through Facebook display and video ads.  Facebook advertising delivers messages from businesses to help reach people, who matter most to them.  Users can be targeted as close as a 1-mile radius of a location to help promote your product or upcoming event.  Targeting toward certain interests or demographic groupings allows your ads to reach your intended audience more efficiently and effectively. 

Facebook ads will be shown to the audience you choose for desktop and mobile News Feed and/or the right column. Showing your ad in these placements helps you reach your audience wherever they are.

Here are a few things to think about before you start advertising on Facebook:

1.      What's your advertising objective?
Want to get more Page likes? Trying to promote a video ad? Looking to increase visits to your local business? Or are you interested in sending Facebook users to your website?  Choosing your objective is the first step in creating a Facebook ad.  Enradius can help with deciding which objective is right for your business.

2.      What do you want your ad to look like?
All ads on Facebook have an image and some text.

3.      Who do you want to reach?
Targeting options include choosing an audience based on demographics and interests or creating a custom audience based on your own customer mailing list. 

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