Programmatic & RTB

Businesses are bombarded by multiple media companies wanting to sell re-targeting/behavioral digital campaigns but who have huge mark-ups. We do targeting differently. 

We realize digital marketers have overwhelming levels of inventory to consider and each customer connection happens on a different device and on different media channels. That’s why we created our local programmatic advertising program.  We offer a cost effective Real-Time-Bidding product for SMB's without the required large monthly minimum.

We work with ad inventory providers to help secure the most efficient cost-per-thousand/CPM’s for our clients.  Our local programmatic advertising product enables clients to consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels into a single platform.

The Enradius local programmatic offering also helps our clients use data to increase advertising effectiveness and assign a value to every impression. We don't just set a campaign into motion, we monitor it every step of the way, adjusting the strategy and providing feedback to increase campaign effectiveness.

It is our mission to target your most likely customer and to maximize budgets by advertising to prospects most likely to engage while avoiding individuals who will never have an interest in your product.

Over the next several years local businesses will shift away from the mega-media companies to ensure that the audiences they are marketing to are intentional targets.  Enradius is helping companies around the country improve their click rates and their digital marketing ROI through customized strategies, transparency and reporting. Let us help you get started in programmatic today!

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