Enradius has deep expertise in key industry sectors. 

Here are some of the vertical markets we serve.  Our team has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to the local bridal shop.  We have delivered amazing results for campaigns.   What makes us unique is that we watch the progress of each campaign and we optimize for improved conversions. We work with clients on an individual basis.  We don't have cookie-cutter plans, each program is specific to the client and the strategies are based on our years of experience and knowledge. We are Geo-targeting experts.

Higher Education 

Enradius has taken a leadership position as a digital marketing partner for colleges and universities.  We have partnered with numerous higher education institutions to help boost enrollment efforts, promote program-specific course offerings, increase ticket sales to athletic events and fine arts performances and sustain branding efforts across many channels.

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Retail Success 

Enradius specializes in digital advertising for retailers and storefront marketing.  Our mission is to reach an individual when they are in a Micro Moment.  We are focused on reaching an audience that is more likely to shop at your store by utilizing our targeted hyper-local digital advertising solutions.

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Event Marketing 

Enradius Team Members are the Geo-Fencing specialists in promoting area Events.  Our job is to find the right people in the right moment to impact your event marketing with digital solutions. We have identified applications for geography based targeting across a broad spectrum of clients and for a fascinating array of audiences. 

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Our Geo-Fencing specialists are here to help your specialists succeed. Our job is to find the right people in the right moment to impact your health awareness and outcomes goals. No log in required – we reach your demographic targets in de-identified, real world engagement. Leveraging the power of the digital marketing network, we help you connect with people in a relevant flow of information and education specific to them.

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Non Profit & Foundations 

When everything feels mission critical, and accountability is around every corner, Enradius will help meet the toughest marketing transparency challenges. Digital means trackable. From Click Through Rates (CTR) to conversions, and Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) to geotargeted demographics we will help you navigate the strategies to build a winning campaign. 

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