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Baltimore, MD (September 18, 2014) — Local digital media expert and Advertising.com and CBS alumni David Carberry today announced the launch of Enradius (https://www.enradius.com), a digital marketing company that enables organizations, through the power of geo-targeted marketing and behavioral data, to reach the right customer at the right time. By combining a geographical- or community-specific radius with the latest advertising and marketing solutions such as video ads, local search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media and mobile marketing, Enradius delivers customized messaging to target customers. The company’s solutions enable small and large business, non-profits and institutions to use the power of zip-code-specific marketing in merging traditional media and social media marketing solutions.

Enradius uses all zip code-targeted media like Google adwords, Google My business, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Online Radio, Linked In, Yelp, You Tube and more than 10,000 of the internet’s most highly visited sites and ads, to reach desktop, tablet and mobile phone users when they are within a specific radius of the business using Enradius services.

Enradius has designed its geo-targeted advertising and marketing services to be affordable, actionable and easy to deploy for any sized organization, be it a larger corporation, a non-profit or a small business. Enradius’ solutions work for retail business or B2B enterprises, and can be tailored to reach an audience in a variety of targeted zip codes or virtual communities.

The average time spent with digital media per day surpassed TV viewing in 2013, according to a 2013 analysis by eMarketer, a significant shift in how businesses can reach their target consumer. “Combine this shift in how consumers get their entertainment and information, along with the ongoing growth and importance of social media, and it’s clear that the line between traditional media and social media no longer exists,” said David Carberry, President and CEO of Enradius. “Mobile will be the center point of media consumption and Enradius can help businesses reach consumers with video, comprehensive digital and social advertising and marketing. The Enradius distinction allows us to enable these organizations to effectively target the customers they want to reach when they are within a specific distance of their target community – and to reach those customers with the right message. We’re proud to launch this service in the Baltimore metro market.”

Enradius already counts a range of Baltimore-based non-profits and businesses in its client roster, including Princeton Sports, Edward Arthur Jewelers, Bel Air Dental, Chesapeake AED Services and the William E Proudford Sickle Cell Fund.


About Enradius

Enradius captures the power of the merging of traditional and digital marketing and advertising by providing tailored, customized marketing and ad services targeted to a distinct geographical region or online community. By providing geo-targeted digital advertising, media and marketing solutions, Enradius engages existing customers more often and captures new customers when they are within range of a business and ready to buy, delivering increased sales and profit margins at a lower cost and a better ROI.

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