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To build an effective digital presence during the COVID-19 pandemic,

see our marketing  guidelines for banking, medical, food service, education, legal, retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

 Feel free to reach out on the form below to have one of our team members help you devise a strategic plan for your business.

We can get your message back on the map.

Stay Connected with your Audience --Safely.
Capture Past Crowds.

It's challenging to reach your audience as people shift to working from home and avoid locations that draw large crowds.

We can help.

At Enradius, we specialize in geography-based digital marketing. We leverage data to distribute your message to your most valuable audience. In addition to current location, we can target people who previously visited an area of interest in the past 90 days.
We can reach your customers – at home or beyond.

Connect with local customers where they are.

What you see…

…is what we get.

What Message does your Business need to Deliver?

Unleash the power of location-based data

  • Geofence or Geocookie key locations
  • View your audience spatially
  • Unlock valuable insights from mapped data

Enradius is a data-driven marketing company. We reach your target audience within your geographic market, from 100 meters within an address up to zip codes and DMAs.

Your customers are constantly moving and interacting online.

Reach them at the point of intent.

What is a Geofence?

A Geofence targets mobile devices that are actively present within an area of interest. Here are just a few different successful Geofencing strategies we offer:

    • Target people who are nearby your store
    • Geofence tourist attractions in your city to reach visitors
    • Reach the offices of your prospective clients

What is a Geocookie?

A Geocookie targets mobile devices that had been within an area of interest in the past. Some ways we use location history include:

    • Retarget previous visitors to your location
    • Advertise to event attendees
    • Reach your competitors’ customers

Map Your Marketing to identify your high-performing geotargets. Reach out to Map Your Marketing with us!


World Wide Web? Some businesses weren’t meant for reaching the entire population. Enradius helps businesses focus on customers most likely to shop and are within their targeted geography. Most businesses have an ideal customer and it’s our mission to Capture, Retain and Remarket to these potential customers. Our techniques help you put your ad dollars to better use with our geo-targeted digital campaigns.

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