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Maryland Is Open Podcast

The world has changed since Covid-19, and this podcast is dedicated to helping local Maryland businesses one at a time. MarylandIsOpen.com was developed as a resource for local businesses and their consumers. Now that more Maryland stores and businesses are open, we wanted to have deeper conversations with the community.

Local media personality Meredith Marx takes this journey around the state to interview local business owners and leaders. Maryland is a thriving state and we welcome you to listen to and support the Maryland Is Open community.

If you or your organization  are interested in getting interviewed or want to tell your story send us an email at [email protected]


In the first episode of the Maryland Is Open Podcast, host Meredith Marx chats with the Canton Group’s Ethan Kazi and Enradius’ Dave Carberry about the concept of showcasing  Maryland businesses on MarylandisOpen.com

Meredith Marx chats with Ruth Toomey of the Maryland Tourism Coalition about initiatives the organization is doing to keep tourism moving in the state during COVID.

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