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We can help you market your brand and reach the right people at the right time, closer to the point of conversion, whether you are an office products reseller, a local nonprofit, a medical device company, or the local pizza joint

By layering demographic and behavioral data over the geographic target, we can reach only the people that match your preferred audience.

Top Geo-targeting Tactics:

  • A local retailer runs a geo-fence campaign around their business to draw in local shoppers.
  • A large non-profit runs a campaign reaching charity-minded individuals with high-net-worth within their service area for their end of year fundraising campaign.
  • An urgent care center geotargets the 5-mile radius of their center with a “No-wait and open late!” campaign to draw awareness to their location.
  • A beach in the south geotargets mid-Atlantic families-with-children to drive summer vacations.
  • A prominent restaurant chain geotargets foodies in the downtown business district to boost mid-week dining.
  • A business services firm runs a campaign geotargeting in their region targeting IT decision makers.

Geo-targeting campaigns leverage location to help you find the ‘low hanging fruit’ and are incredibly accurate in their reach compared to large broadcast media campaigns.  Reaching the right people at the right time with the right message is important to drive conversions. Our strategists can help you figure out what the best tactic is for your business.

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