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Social Media is simply an extension of your brand’s personality online…

Does your business have the votes of confidence it needs from social media networks?

Enradius Social Media Marketing


Building a social media platform from scratch is challenging, but critical for success. Building an online community with your members is like taking the traditional ‘shaking hands and kissing babies’ tactic onto the web and building those relationships through online means. People now network and communicate using digital means, so you need to be present.

We offer varied social media solutions for different brands. We can completely build and manage your social media platforms OR if you have someone uniquely positioned in-house that you trust to do that work on a daily basis, we can help by teaching them the tricks of the trade.

To reach our Social Division, fill out the contact form on this page or connect with someone from our Social Division below.

Taverlee Laskauskas
Social Media Strategist

Taverlee leads client efforts in creating and executing social media strategy across multiple platforms, developing and coordinating cross-promotional events with other local businesses and championing Enradius’s internal social exposure. A choreographer, dance instructor, and mom, Tav is creative and in tune with today’s social platforms.


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