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Ever thought of a video for your business to help tell your story, or improve on the corporate videos that you have? Create a corporate video marketing campaign to reach potential clients.

Enradius B2B Video from Enradius on Vimeo

YouTube is certainly highly watched and searched, but what is the best way to convey your message without tarnishing your brand?  Some of the best viral videos are impromptu, but will they convey the message that you envision? Businesses of all shapes and sizes should be using video to convey their story.
The term corporate video is used, but it seems so stuffy. Business videos can have various forms and functions:

  • Internal training and internal corporate messaging
  • External marketing and advertising purposes
  • Employee interaction videos – which can be the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Enradius looks at every way to help get your videos ranked higher on Google while simultaneously creating a story that reflects positively on your company.  The opportunity to get a higher ranked video will also help with your reputation management for those moments an employee decides to hurt your brand and image.  The more business videos and corporate videos that you have engaging the public, the less likely your reputation can be disrupted.
More and more videos are being viewed online versus on television and our one-touch society wants information fast… video is a great way to disseminate that message.
What should most businesses have in their video toolbox?

  • The 30-second elevator pitch
  • The 60-second extended story
  • The 90-second corporate video production

Of course, longer form videos can be produced as the complexity of the messaging demands; be aware, however, that studies have shown that online interaction and viewership tends to drop off beyond videos of a 90-second length.  Let the Experts at Enradius develop your online video story,

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