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Enradius Team Members are the Geo-Fencing specialists in promoting area Events.  Our job is to find the right people at the right moment to impact your event marketing with digital solutions. In the past year, we have identified applications for geography-based targeting across a broad spectrum of clients and for a fascinating array of audiences.  Here are just a few samples of the successes that we have helped create.

Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts: Brand concert events to Student and Patron populations.

  • Solution: Targeted Student populations on campus and Patron audience in Montgomery and Prince George’s County utilizing FB music enthusiasts, Contextual relevance, targeted display and CRM data.

Eastern University, Philadelphia:  Prospecting admissions candidates for Christian University.

  • Solution: Geo-fencing specific events like Creation Festival Music Fest, campgrounds and hotels in Central Pa. to generate University Awareness

Downtown Partnership, Baltimore:  Generate excitement and website traffic promoting
Baltimore’s Restaurant Week.

  •  Solution: Geo-fencing Baltimore City with a programmatic display, Facebook and Instagram campaign targeting people who work and live downtown.
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