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Enradius Health – the Power of Focused Health Communications.

Today’s fast-paced health care market juggles multiple focal points and challenges when it comes to meeting the needs of the patient community. Whether it’s hitting compliance targets, national guidelines for reimbursement, or community outreach and patient engagement, Enradius will help you succeed.

Put the right messages, the right reminders, and the right support pieces in place for the right people– at just the time they are needed.  Leverage the principles of geotargeting and retargeting digital communications for your health or brand initiatives.

Healthcare Partners:

GoMo Health® is a leader in population health management, specializing in designing, implementing, and marketing personalized patient engagement solutions that support the continuum of care and new incentive-based reimbursements.

iHealthEngines® is a rewards-based platform for health education and change management that empowers consumers to take charge of their health. Customizable solutions for various stakeholders.

Gravidi A simple solution for creating “bite-sized” interactive content Embed any kind of file or live web page into any video – include assessments, PowerPoints, surveys, APIs, games, calls-to-action, ads, literally any kind of file. Insert in-line quizzes, tests, polls, and surveys for assessment and compliance; track and quantify user consumption, interaction and engagement.

Patient Engagement & Health Initiatives

  • Support prescription adherence & first fills
  • Drive lifestyle behavior change & reinforcement
  • Target at-risk demographic groups
  • Increase patient portal sign up and utilization
  • Secure follow up appointments
  • Promote rehab services
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Drive retention and referrals

Brand Development:

  • Grow patient volume and retention in key service lines/centers of excellence
  • Communicate strategic branding messages
  • Promote new physicians
  • Recruit physicians
  • Market community events and educational sessions

Health Care is heating up, it’s a competitive environment out there and the demand for quality and transparency is high. Enradius will help you acquire patients, drive targeted service line growth, and drive patient engagement for follow up and referrals. Let’s get started!

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