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Who we are

Our team comes from diverse media backgrounds and years of experience from companies like AOL, Millennial Media, The Tribune Company, Videology, Advertising.com, CBS, and Clear Channel.

What we do

Enradius provides geo-targeted digital advertising solutions reaching consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TVs.  We use targeted real-time data and third-party behavioral extensions, through premium experiences, programmatic buying, and performance driven campaigns. Learn more about our services here.

What sets us apart

We work with leading publishers, advertisers, and agencies seeking to maximize the value in their digital advertising. This makes it possible for us to offer top-level digital media without the large minimums. Above all, our expertise and experience sets us apart.

We look forward to partnering with you for your next campaign.

Enradius Headquarters

Dave Carberry
Founder & CEO

Dave is the Founder and CEO of Enradius. He started his career in radio and television advertising sales and went on to help grow a regional web design shop. Spawning products like Targetware.com and even built OAR's first website. . Later he went on to lead the search division at AOL’s Ad.com Dave is always looking forward to helping businesses with creative targeting solutions.

Justin Musterman

Justin is our "chief technology architect" and brings unparalleled experience to the table. Justin first met Dave while working alongside one another at Ad.com. Justin went on to build the platform for Videology before starting his own company Media Glu. At Media Glu, Justin invented a cross platform technology that allows us to identify a user across multiple devices. Justin sold his company to Apnexus in December 2014 and has been an invaluable part of the Enradius team ever since.

Kristen Brueggemann
Director of Ad Operations

Kristen's focus is to understand client objectives and execute them through effective campaign management. Kristen previously worked in the mobile landscape for Baltimore based Millennial Media. She was a member of the operations team providing pricing, strategy, campaign management and reporting to clients throughout the South Central region. Prior to her role at Millennial, Kristen was with Constellation Energy for five years. At Constellation she helped large industrial and commercial customers develop structured energy strategies for gas and power procurement. With a primary focus on strategy throughout her career, Kristen aims to work closely with clients to help maximize their marketing budgets and see results through digital advertising.

Evelyn Hammid
Director of Client Services

Evelyn supports the Sales and Operations departments to ensure each campaign runs successfully. With extensive experience in performance marketing and branding, she is skilled in campaign management and analyzing and optimizing the user flow from click to conversion while maintaining brand integrity across all marketing efforts. She holds a B.A. in Geography and loves geeking out over maps and GIS. She balances her screen and numbers time with her extracurricular passions for art and the outdoors.

Taverlee Laskauskas
Director of Social Media Strategy

Taverlee leads client efforts in creating and executing social media strategy across multiple platforms, developing and coordinating cross-promotional events with other local businesses and championing Enradius’s internal social exposure. A choreographer, dance instructor, and mom, Tav is creative and in tune with today’s social platforms.

Kevin Kristofco
Director of Day to Day Operations

Kevin works with advertisers and publishers from campaign brainstorm through launch and delivery to optimize and deliver results for our advertisers. Formerly of the Baltimore Sun and Baltimore-based Millennial Media (now AOL) he has been strategizing, planning and executing digital campaigns for nearly a decade. With a focus on implementing advertising strategies particular to the specific campaign goals, Kevin has helped forge strong client relationships and advertising strategies for clients and agencies of all sizes.

Katrine Brusse
Finance Associate

Katrine graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Katrine is a licensed Real Estate agent and works for two small businesses, Budget Blinds of Ellicott City and Enradius, handling accounting and marketing processes.

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