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There are a variety of ways to target people based on their geography. You can target a DMA, state, city, town, zip code, or radius. You can also geofence a specific area in close proximity by drawing a virtual “fence” around that point. Our strategists can help you determine which tactic is best for your business, product, or event.


Nearly 4 billion people use social media. It is too big to ignore. We create social media strategy that includes display and video advertising to get your business in front of the best potential customer. You can find people based on their location, demographics, passions, online activity, and more. Whether you are a local or national business, we can help you use Social Media most efficiently.


Over 95% of Americans own a cell phone and 77% are smartphones. Mobile devices serve as the main connection to the rest of the world. If you want to get in front of the right customer, you cannot ignore these statistics and need to be advertising in the digital space. We can help you navigate the many options available to you in mobile advertising.


Video is not only exciting and popular to the consumer but is also extremely beneficial to the advertiser, receiving three times the number of clicks than other digital ad formats. Whether it’s pre-roll, Facebook, or online streaming television, video is a great way to set your brand apart.


Businesses are bombarded daily by media companies wanting to sell digital campaigns with little knowledge and huge mark-ups. We do digital differently. We have the best partners and offer a cost effective Real-Time-Bidding product for small businesses and agency partners without a large monthly minimum.


Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Native advertising is using engaging content to redirect audiences. By getting readers to click on relevant stories, marketers drive additional traffic and engage new audiences.


Enradius will provide your business with a container tag that will retarget your message across our advertising publisher network, including AOL, Facebook, Google, AppNexus, Advertising.com, and YouTube reaching over 95% of the internet publisher inventory available.


Enradius can get your business location(s) listed properly across all the search engines, local mobile platforms, and GPS services; potential customers are looking on search engines, social networking sites, GPS systems, tablets, phones, local apps every minute of every day.


Enradius’ on-demand technology sends your audio ad through the various podcast platforms that serve our publishers. It will run across the many applications and devices you’re looking to target. Unique audio ads for each listener can be dynamically inserted into episodes as pre-roll, post-roll and even mid-roll by placing ad markers using our platform. Enradius offers comprehensive campaign and targeting management.

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