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Enradius uses geo-targeting to reach users in a specified area. This is done by pinpointing an audience of users based on their location as determined by IP address, GPS, cell tower triangulation, Wi-Fi access point, and registration information. Our geo-targeting capabilities include targeting by country, state, metro area, city, zip code, or address.

A Geofence is a digital perimeter, measuring as low as a 100 meter radius surrounding a location, that serves ads to mobile devices present within it. Geo-Retargeting (also referred to as implementing “geocookies”) targets devices that had been inside a digital perimeter during a set period of time in the past, no matter where the device is located currently.

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If you want to collect audience information by using a Geofence, the best way is to promote a form for users to fill out on your call to action and landing page. However, we cannot collect and handover data from users who simply enter a geofence.

  • Publishers like CNN, Forbes, The Washington Post, Facebook, etc. offer their ad space each time a user visits their site or app to an exchange, and Enradius bids in real time for that inventory. Target audiences can be based on location and behavior or context.

Some of the benefits of programmatic include:

· Highly targeted options – including retargeting – help reach the right individuals

· Tactics work in conjunction to expand overall reach

· Ability to track user engagement and optimize ads to find the best performing tactics”

Our operations team members are all in-house. We have dedicated staff to setting up, managing, and reporting on Enradius campaigns. That means our clients have the advantage of efficient, real-time communication with real people.

Our campaign minimums are much lower than those of leading ad exchanges. When crafting your digital strategy, our team will suggest tactics and budgets to accomplish your goals. We have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes – so we know how to avoid wasted spend. Whether you’re a small business that needs to reach local prospects in your city or a national brand looking to advertise to audiences of scale, our experts will secure the most cost-efficient CPMs for your digital campaign.

Our Digital Strategists will meet with you to determine your goals, your audience, and your past marketing strategies. Once we know your business’s needs, we will craft a flexible digital strategy that most likely will incorporate multiple tactics best suited to reach your prospective customers. Testing multiple solutions allows us to learn from their performance and eventually shift budgets towards the ad placements that work best for you. Reach out to get started.

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