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Our team dives deeper into your web analytics to help your organization drive strategic decision-making.

What are Data Analytics services?

Our digital experts at Enradius can help you understand your audience’s behavior by transforming baseline data from your web analytics into meaningful insights.

We take the following steps to tell the story of your site’s user experience:

  1. Raw data assessment from website traffic and user engagement
  2. Tracking implementation relevant to business objectives
  3. Streamlined reporting on user acquisition, site behavior, goal performance, location data (Map Your Marketing), demographics, interests, and other notable insights and trends

What are the benefits of Data Analytics services?

  • Track the actions on your site that are valuable to your organization’s goals
  • Compare the traffic quality from all paid and earned sources in one report
  • Identify the site content that attracts or repels users
  • Resolve pain points in the user experience
  • Discover trends in your site data beyond the standard metrics
  • Take data analysis and reporting off your plate, and free up your time for developing new marketing initiatives
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Tap into the power of market intelligence. Analyze any area for customer trends, foot traffic, competitor intelligence, trends over time and more. Find out where your ideal audience is coming from and where they are going.

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