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Advertisers can no longer rely on direct network and cable buys to maximize the reach of their video advertising dollars. Strategic marketing teams are turning to Programmatic solutions to help efficiently run across video sources to increase reach and decrease costs.

Why Enradius Digital Video Solutions?

At Enradius, our team are experts in leveraging Location, Data and access to the largest Online, OTT, CTV, Social and Addressable TV video inventory sources to perfectly target your campaign and reach your most desired audience wherever they are consuming content. The Precision of our campaigns Stop Wasted Impressions, deliver higher campaign performance and drive ROAS!

Here are a few of the targeting options available to Digital Video Campaigns:

  • Behavioral
  • Contextual
  • Location including GeoFence Video
  • Retargeting with Video
  • Custom Audiences (first party data, email match, device ID, look-a-like)

What are the benefits of Digital Video Advertising?

  • Connect with your most relevant audience with targeting options
  • Deliver your brand message full-screen and with site, sound and motion
  • Capture higher viewability and completion rates
  • Generate stronger levels of ad recall
  • Increase purchase intent
  • Programmatic delivery facilitates quick optimization
  • Algorithmic optimization to your KPI’s
  • Gain substantial reach to your audience beyond Broadcast and Cable TV campaigns.

Today, Broadcast and Cable TV only make up approximately 50% of all video consumed. The rise of Streaming Services, Connected TV and High Speed Internet have all combined to allow video content to explode and be accessible wherever an internet connection exists. 

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