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Connected TV Advertising

Digital video is overtaking cable television. Over the last 8 years, the subscription economy has grown by more than 350 percent. Enradius connects you to these viewers through targeted CTV advertising.

What is CTV Advertising?

Enradius leverages CTV advertising to deliver digital video ads on internet connected TVs and streaming devices on platforms like Hulu, FacebookWatch, YouTube TV, Amazon, and more. We incorporate exclusive data and subscriber insights to reach your target audience while they stream their favorite shows.

Here are some of the targeting options available with CTV advertising:

  • Behavior
  • Location
  • Custom Audiences

What are the benefits of CTV Advertising?

  • Connect with your most relevant audience with targeting options
  • Deliver your brand message full-screen
  • Capture higher viewability and completion rates
  • Generate stronger levels of ad recall
  • Increase purchase intent
  • Programmatic on CTV facilitates quick optimization
  • Expand the reach of your traditional TV campaigns

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