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Display Advertising

Display ads generate brand awareness by showcasing your message across networks of millions of websites and apps.

What is Display Advertising?

Enradius’ precise targeting capabilities ensure that your impressions reach the right people at the right time and place. We use exclusive user opt-in data to drive our clients’ campaign performance ahead of the competition.

Some of our targeting options for display advertising include:

  • Geotargeting
  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Retargeting

What are the benefits of Display Advertising?

  • Available in a variety of formats (image, video, native, and responsive)
  • Demand user attention, raise brand awareness, attract website traffic
  • Reach a user across multiple devices with cross-platform targeting technology
  • Eliminate wasted spend with precise targeting options
  • Tactics are highly optimizable — thanks to our data analytics
  • Premium ad placements at low costs are accessible through programmatic bidding

What is Programmatic?

Audience inventory becomes available on premium websites like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, and thousands of others. Enradius’ in-house operations team bids in real time to secure those placements at cost-efficient rates. Programmatic ads are also trackable — which facilitates quick optimization.

How it works:

How does Cookieless Targeting work?

The future is cookieless. And we’re prepared. Following major media corporations’ decision to rescind support from cookies, we’ve adapted to a privacy-friendly approach to continue connecting brands with their audiences. This is possible thanks to our access to a wealth of consent-based data from hundreds of millions of verified users. But do we have to sacrifice scale and performance? Not at all. Cookieless digital campaigns perform at a high-caliber rate, just as they did with cookies. In fact, the advanced audience-based solutions we use have demonstrated a 33 percent increase in performance. 

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