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GeoFence and Device Targeting.

Your customers are thinking carefully about places they visit. Reach them at the point of intent. We can Map Your Marketing.™ Geofence retargeting is the key to every digital ad campaign. Reach them where they've been or usually go.

Grow your brand's community... and see where they are.

Do you know where visitors come before they get to you, or where they go after.  Let us show you. 
Apps on mobile devices can show you where your customers are coming from and when. 
Tell us what you want to map and Geofence and we will send you a free report.

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What you see…

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…is what we get.

Real people in your region

Unleash the power of location-based data.

Enradius’ digital specialists provide data-driven marketing strategy and fulfillment. We identify and reach your target audience within your geographic market, from 100 meters within an address up to zip codes, cities, and regions. Our location-based approach delivers your message to your growing community.

What is a Geofence?

A Geofence targets mobile devices that are actively present within an area of interest. Here are just a few different successful Geofencing strategies we offer:

    • Target people who are nearby your business
    • Geofence tourist attractions in your city to reach visitors
    • Reach the offices of your prospective clients

What is Geo-Retargeting?

We use Geo-Retargeting (also referred to as implementing “geocookies”) to target mobile devices that had been within an area of interest in the past. Some ways we use location history include:

    • Retarget previous visitors to your location
    • Advertise to event attendees
    • Reach your competitors’ customers

Let’s craft your geotargeted digital strategy together. Reach out to Map your Marketing.™

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