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How to Work From Home (Keep Your Sanity) and Stay Productive

Due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, there’s a good chance you’re going to be working from home for the next several weeks. If the home environment isn’t what you’re used to, it can be a challenge to remain productive and positive during an already difficult time. As a Digital Sales Strategist at Enradius, I …

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A home office environment with laptop, desk, and wall decorations.

Campaign Reporting 101

Coming up with your ad campaign took a lot of work. You had to define your audience and your message, design your landing page and creatives, and find a company to help get your ads online. That company probably had some specific requests that you scrambled to meet too. But now that your campaign is …

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Living in the Micro-Moment

Micro-Moment- We’ve been hearing this buzz word from Think with Google for a few years now. Is your marketing campaign designed for the Micro-Moment? Is this you when you think of your ad campaign? “My campaign gets a lot of clicks, but not enough conversions. My bounce rate is higher than ever and my cost …

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Map Your Marketing

So you ran a digital campaign and in return you are given a confusing report showing the delivery results- typically impressions, clicks, and CTR. Now what do you do with it? What does the report mean about your campaign success and how can you learn from it to improve your marketing strategy? Where did all …

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Proximity Matters

Nothing is quite as powerful as close proximity to a store, business, or event to find potential customers. People who are in or around the location are more likely to step foot in the store and are more likely to turn into repeat customers. Our mobile advertising solutions allow businesses to use location data to find …

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