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5 Rules for Establishing an Effective UX on your Website

First impressions last – and your website is more than likely to be your future customers and stakeholders’ first impression of your brand. While we’ve always understood the importance of having a strong online presence, the past year has taken away most offline opportunities to connect with our community. These past few months, we focused …

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Everything that Rises Must Converge: Pandemic Edition

The universe typically will find a way to fill a void.  When one thing goes away there will usually be something to fill its place. The pandemic and its effects are no different.  When sit-down restaurants were pulled from our weekly menu of activities, nightly home delivery or pick-up replaced it.  When theatres shut down, …

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The Enradius Holiday 2020 Guide

If your idea of holiday shopping is crowded malls and massive Black Friday sales at big box retailers, I hope I’m not the one to break it to you, but that’s not happening this year. Covid-19 has dramatically impacted life as we know it, and that includes shopping. The public health guidance to physically distance …

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Campaign Reporting 101

Coming up with your ad campaign took a lot of work. You had to define your audience and your message, design your landing page and creatives, and find a company to help get your ads online. That company probably had some specific requests that you scrambled to meet too. But now that your campaign is …

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Living in the Micro-Moment

Micro-Moment- We’ve been hearing this buzz word from Think with Google for a few years now. Is your marketing campaign designed for the Micro-Moment? Is this you when you think of your ad campaign? “My campaign gets a lot of clicks, but not enough conversions. My bounce rate is higher than ever and my cost …

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