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The Impact of Programmatic Advertising in Recruitment Marketing

Programmatic advertising has become a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, revolutionizing the way businesses connect with consumers. This approach streamlines campaigns, allowing for precise targeting and delivery of messages across multiple devices and channels. While its influence in business-to-consumer marketing is widely recognized, its potential in recruitment marketing is just beginning to be tapped into.

In the realm of HR and recruitment, programmatic advertising has gained momentum as professionals seek efficient ways to attract talent. This surge in interest has led to the emergence of startups focusing on “programmatic job distribution,” automating the process of posting job vacancies across various platforms. While this has enhanced posting distribution and improved cost efficiencies, it often overlooks passive job seekers, a crucial segment in today’s job market.

Traditionally, recruitment advertising relied on posting vacancies and waiting for responses. However, companies now recognize the need to proactively engage passive job seekers. By leveraging the tools and tactics of consumer marketing, recruitment initiatives can extend their reach beyond traditional job boards.

Programmatic advertising offers precise targeting capabilities, allowing companies to tailor their recruitment efforts to specific locations and audiences. A few examples:

  • Geofencing enables precise targeting of mobile devices seen at specific locations. This could include an industry trade show, competitors or other locations your target may be found.
  • Audience Targeting allows companies to reach potential candidates based on their activities online.  This may include the sites they visit, content they consume or information they reveal while registering on sites across the internet.
  • Retargeting allows companies to re-engage individuals who have visited their corporate website, career site or even a specific pages like a job posting or program page.
  • Omnichannel programmatic executions allow a single campaign to reach across display, video, audio and even digital out of home.

Furthermore, programmatic advertising empowers companies to enhance their employer brand through rich media and video content. By crafting engaging content that resonates with their target audience, companies can attract passive job seekers and showcase their company culture and values. This not only differentiates them in the job market but also attracts high-quality candidates to their postings.

Despite its benefits, companies must approach programmatic advertising in recruitment with caution. Understanding the complexities and limitations of this technology is crucial. HR and recruitment teams should collaborate with partners who possess expertise in programmatic advertising to navigate these challenges effectively. Make sure the partners you select have experience working with ad tech outside of the job distribution companies, google and meta. Too many in the recruitment advertising world have not expanded their knowledge beyond these platforms and that is a barrier to their clients seeing the full opportunity the programmatic advertising ecosystem can provide.

In summary, programmatic advertising has the potential to revolutionize recruitment by enabling companies to reach passive job seekers more effectively. By leveraging data and technology, companies can deploy targeted recruitment campaigns that resonate with their audience and attract top talent. In today’s competitive job market, innovation in recruitment strategies is imperative. Programmatic advertising offers a valuable opportunity for companies to continue to modernize their recruitment efforts and secure the best talent for their organizations.

At Enradius, our team specializes in helping our clients execute programmatic digital campaigns that leverage the power of precise location and audience targeting that deliver on your objectives and eliminates wasted impressions and budget! From Research to Analysis to Strategy to Campaign execution, we help clients maximize the power of programmatic.  Contact us today and let us show you what we know about one of your locations!

About the Author
Rob Andreski is the VP, Sales at Enradius.  He has spent over 25 years in the digital media industry working with some of internet’s leading publishers and platforms including Monster.com, Advertising.com and Aol. 

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