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5 Rules for Establishing an Effective UX on your Website

First impressions last – and your website is more than likely to be your future customers and stakeholders’ first impression of your brand. While we’ve always understood the importance of having a strong online presence, the past year has taken away most offline opportunities to connect with our community. These past few months, we focused …

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A dog seated on a table looks at a laptop with a paw on the keyboard. 3 icons show happy, neutral, and sad faces at the bottom of the image.

Engage Me: Part 1

In today’s heightened “information now” mentality, the population expects to be engaged across all sectors of the marketplace. Entertainment is on-demand, curated, and recommended; employee retention and productivity requires employees to be actively “engaged” with their work and their employers; in healthcare – patient empowerment, shared decision making, and informed consent through patient engagement are key metrics of success; the 2016 election requires party members’ support, activated grass roots efforts and debate turnouts. Across the board we’re talking about an increasing level of “engagement” from stakeholders.

Ghosts, Analytics & Porn…Oh My

Recently our ops team noticed that some of our client’s websites are receiving a high amount of website referrals from porn links in Google Analytics.  After researching the potential cause, we discovered that these link referrals are known as Ghost Referrals.   These are just spam referrals, called ghosts because they don’t really visit your page. …

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