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Geo Targeting

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients are happy. With years of experience in cutting edge digital firms, our dedicated staff is ready to help you implement the right geotargeting strategy to meet your goals. Zip codes, DMAs, or 1-500 mile radius - we have more ideas and power plays than you can imagine to help you achieve the best results.


Know who you want to reach? Our data experts will help you target them effectively. Enradius' expert operations team will work with you to create the right balance of targeted demographics and premium behavioral overlays with the most cost effective CPM to meet your marketing objectives and budget.

Local Listings

Make sure your company is represented in the over 200+ locations online where listing, location and review information gets posted. With excellent back end reporting - you won't miss an online review or a wrong listing again, we make it easy to stay current and increase your SEO.


As simple as it is, many companies are not maximizing this easy to implement strategy. As part of a programatic and contextual digial campaign, you'll increase your CTR and see higher repeat visitors as prospects and customers become more engaged with your brand.

How do we do it

We use a Multicast Approach based on the profile of your customer in geo-targeted locations.



World Wide Web? Some businesses weren't meant for reaching the entire population. Enradius helps businesses focus on customers most likely to shop and are within their targeted geography. Most businesses have an ideal customer and it's our mission to Capture, Retain and Remarket to these potential customers. Our techniques help you put your ad dollars to better use with our geo-targeted digital campaigns.

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