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4 Tips for Your Small Business

We’re excited about Small Business Saturday and encourage you to #shopsmall this weekend. Here are a few tips from our experts on how to thrive in your community. Saturate your local community. Don’t worry about drawing from 30 miles away if you have neighbors who still need to be introduced to your product. Go for the …

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4 Tips for High Engagement on Digital Campaigns

We all want our advertising to be highly successful and send droves of people walking through the door, but we all know that doesn’t always happen. Millions of dollars are spent each year on advertisements that don’t work. Don’t be that guy. Use sound traditional marketing practices with solid knowledge of the digital world and create campaigns that work.

Top 5 Programmatic Myths to Bust

Myth-Busting Programmatic ’s Top 5 Biggest Misperceptions: Targeting is now easier than ever. With the growing utilization of digital advertising and the plethora of companies offering it, the ability to leverage programmatic geo and demo targeting is at everyone’s fingertips. Despite the increase of use and availability, there are still some major misperceptions in the …

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Top 7 Geotargeted Marketing Strategies for B2B (Engage Me: Part 3)

Geotargeting is a great way to get your brand or services in front of the decision makers you need to reach. From the C suite to HR, middle management to small business owners – find their digital footprint. Then position your business in front of them, seamlessly, as part of their everyday online experience. In …

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Engage Me: Part 1

In today’s heightened “information now” mentality, the population expects to be engaged across all sectors of the marketplace. Entertainment is on-demand, curated, and recommended; employee retention and productivity requires employees to be actively “engaged” with their work and their employers; in healthcare – patient empowerment, shared decision making, and informed consent through patient engagement are key metrics of success; the 2016 election requires party members’ support, activated grass roots efforts and debate turnouts. Across the board we’re talking about an increasing level of “engagement” from stakeholders.

Selling Health

What’s the catch phrase for health? Hump Day and What’s in your wallet are already taken…

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