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Car Dealership Slang Dictionary

I was doing some searching for a car dealership term and wanted to check to see if an UP was a prospective buyer.  I found that it was just that, along with a full Car Dealership Dictionary of Automobile Dealer Terminology.   We haven’t crossed-referenced the list for accuracy, but it’s pretty amusing.  If you’re …

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Ghosts, Analytics & Porn…Oh My

Recently our ops team noticed that some of our client’s websites are receiving a high amount of website referrals from porn links in Google Analytics.  After researching the potential cause, we discovered that these link referrals are known as Ghost Referrals.   These are just spam referrals, called ghosts because they don’t really visit your page. …

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Are You Ready For An Update?

The clock is counting down to the next Google update on April 21.  This algorithm update, known already by the industry-created term “Mobilegeddon,” will bring significant changes to the world of mobile search. Smart marketers and business owners are paying attention.   Until now, Google’s on-page searches have returned similar results regardless of device used …

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Duct Tape and Paper Clips

I’m no MacGyver. Trying to get the job done when the right tool is not at hand is not my specialty. Honestly, I don’t think that it is many people’s specialty. Working withduct tape and a paper clip can take a lot of time and it can certainly make for a lot of detours; and …

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