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8 Social Media Tips for Your Exhibit

a guest post from Adler Display

Social media is one of the most popular ways to engage audiences at trade shows and conferences. It’s a powerful tool to incorporate into your trade show marketing plan. If done successfully, your exhibit will be buzzing with lots of potential new clients! Here are social media tips for your next show:

  1. Start your social media campaign before the show
    Get your followers excited to see you at the show.  Give them a sneak peak of what products will be presented, along with contests and prizes.  Grabbing attendees’ attention before the show even begins will translate into a crowded booth as soon as the show opens!
  2. Use the show hashtag so attendees can find you
    Join the conversation.  Use the designated trade show hashtag to be part of the online dialogue. Attendees are encouraged to view and use the show hashtag, so it is a great way to be noticed.
  3. Attract attendees to your booth
    Do not say, “Come to booth 123” and expect a crowd.  Attendees are trolling the feed to see where the best booths are with the best gifts.  Invite them to the free book signing you are hosting, or for a free mango smoothie.  And remember to use the show hashtag, otherwise no one will find you!
  4. Share on-site photos & videos
    Statistics show that tweets with images get two times the engagement rate of those without.  We live in a visual world, attendees would rather see, than read.  Share images of your booth, prizes, the show, even your staff at the after-hours cocktail party!  Keep it fun and exciting.
  5. Create your own unique hashtag
    By doing so, you are creating a buzz around your company and booth.  However, if you don’t give attendees a reason to use the hashtag, it will be pretty useless.  For example, create a Twitter or Instagram contest.  Have a backdrop or company prop for attendees to take photos with and post on social media with your unique hashtag. Best photo wins a prize!
  6. Tweet directly to people
    Connnect with your attendees personally, and thank them for stopping by your booth.  Tweeting or direct messaging attendees is an easy method of following up post show.  Ask them to follow you back for company updates, industry tips, and blog posts.
  7. Join the Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
    Ask questions and create buzz within the trade shows groups.  Grab the attention of attendees and other exhibiting companies by sharing blog posts directed to your website or new products you will be promoting at the trade show.  Make yourself relevant and an industry expert.
  8. Have a designated social media team member
    It’s not effective to post here and there… consistency is key!  Have a team member at the show specifically designated to post, engage, and monitor the social media feeds.  When the show opens, the booth and staff members are going to be busy.  This person will be responsible to carry out the detailed social media marketing strategy.

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