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Proximity Matters

proximity matters

Nothing is quite as powerful as close proximity to a store, business, or event to find potential customers. People who are in or around the location are more likely to step foot in the store and are more likely to turn into repeat customers.

Our mobile advertising solutions allow businesses to use location data to find customers in 3 unique ways:

  1. Geofence-deliver ads based on a device’s current location
  2. Retarget devices that have been in a specific location 
  3. Target a device based on its location in the previous 90 days.

Here is an example of using these options to drive website traffic. We have a client with a specific goal. 


To reach food and wine enthusiasts across the Baltimore area to promote a culinary education program.


Identify multiple food and wine events in the area. 

Geofence events to deliver ads as the event was occurring and retarget those devices after they’ve left the premises.

Identify other area colleges. Deliver ads to students who have been on those campuses in the past 90 days.


In just 2 months, we exposed their brand over 363,000 times and drove over 1,200 visitors to the client’s website. 

In addition to these tactics, we are retargeting users who have visited their website and finding the most qualified potential applicants on social media, including Snapchat ads, due to the age and habits of the target audience. More on the success of that particular campaign to come!


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