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The Importance of First Party Data in Marketing

In today’s digital landscape, data is king. Businesses require insights into their customers’ behavior, preferences, and buying patterns to provide them with the best possible ...

Why Location Matters in Your Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, it’s no surprise that location is an important factor for savvy marketers looking to gain a strategic advantage. With the rise ...

The Comeback Kid – The QR Code

QR codes have been around for over two decades, but it wasn’t until recently that they gained widespread popularity. The technology behind these codes has ...
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2021 Holiday Shopping Trends

In-person shopping and e-commerce behavioral changes will be tested this 2021 holiday shopping season. Physical stores will need to enhance not only their customer experience, ...
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Enradius Thrives by Offering Geo-Targeted Digital Solutions: GoodFirms

A guest post from GoodFirms Offering robust digital and advertising solutions to universal clients endows Enradius as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in ...
A view of the Maryland State House from College Avenue in Annapolis.
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Taxation with Representation

Enradius was recently charged with an additional Maryland tax for 6% on an invoice we received from a vendor. As a small business owner coming ...
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5 Rules for Establishing an Effective UX on your Website

First impressions last – and your website is more than likely to be your future customers and stakeholders’ first impression of your brand. While we’ve ...
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The Year Our Lives Were Digitized

2020 was quite the eventful year! [Insert standard commentary about 2020 being a terrible, disruptive year].    While we didn’t start our year off with ...

Interview with our CEO: The Best Ways to Support Local Businesses this Holiday Season

What a crazy year this has been. We are all familiar with what’s been happening in the world on a national level, but things might ...
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Everything that Rises Must Converge: Pandemic Edition

The universe typically will find a way to fill a void.  When one thing goes away there will usually be something to fill its place. ...