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Duct Tape and Paper Clips

I’m no MacGyver. Trying to get the job done when the right tool is not at hand is not my specialty.
Honestly, I don’t MacGyverthink that it is many people’s specialty. Working withduct tape and a paper clip can take a lot of time and it can certainly make for a lot of detours; and by then…well, the house might have already blown up!

The right tool for the right job… It eliminates all that wasted time and energy; and It just makes you FEEL better, knowing that the tool that you are using is the tool that was designed to get the job done efficiently and right the FIRST time.

It occurred to me that geo targeting and its little sister geo fencing are tools that are just right for quite a few things. So as a thought starter for advancing your business, here are some of the jobs that they are ideally suited to attack:

  • Retail: Attracting traffic that is in your area to your location at the point closest to the sale.  Right place and right time!
  • Conquest: Hitting auto buyers as they are sitting outside of your competitor’s showroom. Stealth marketing at its finest.
  • Media: A radio station (or even a TV station) can geo-fence a competitor’s concert or station event. You can reach soccer Mom’s at the mall on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; or Dad’s on the well beaten path to Home Depot; or you an reach both in an office park in order to promote at work streaming… you can do all of that with geo targeting.
  • Restaurant: Rather than do multiple deals with hotels and attractions in your area to appear in their collateral material or on TV screens in their guest rooms, now you can blanket an area within a mile radius of your business on a mobile phone, PC or tablet. Again, right prospect, right place and right time.
  • Convention and Visitors: If you need to hit all of the chemical engineers that are in town for CHEMFAB in order to sell your product or to pitch them to move their headquarters to Your Town, USA, you can do that by geo fencing the convention center and hotels.
  • Sports Teams/Hotels: Let’s say the Phillies are scheduled for InterLeague play in Baltimore next week (and it’s almost time for that, right?,)…. you can promote those games and the peripheral activities scheduled in Baltimore NEXT week to sports fans in the geographic environs of the Philadelphia ballpark THIS week?
  • Lobbying: If you need to raise awareness for your cause in Washington, DC or in your State Capitol, you can use geo targeting to blanket the area of Capitol Hill, Annapolis or Harrisburg in the week leading up to the vote. The DNC or the RNC coming to town? Blanket the convention center and the hotels.

Having the right tool for the right job is a luxury. Use geo targeting and geo fencing and treat yourself to some of that!  We’ll be exploring specific ways to apply geo targeting to each of these categories in the coming weeks so check back often. See you then!

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