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Top 7 Geotargeted Marketing Strategies for B2B (Engage Me: Part 3)


Geotargeting is a great way to get your brand or services in front of the decision makers you need to reach. From the C suite to HR, middle management to small business owners – find their digital footprint. Then position your business in front of them, seamlessly, as part of their everyday online experience.

In the previous post we covered curated ads. Ads directed to a targeted profile, receptive to the message based on demographics, behavioral and geographical markers. Here we will dive into how this applies to B2B.

Your brand’s online presence is a critical component of your overall brand perception.  As mobile has overtaken desktop, and more time is spent online, more conversions happen in this space. Businesses need to have a greater presence in this conversation.  Here are strategies to leverage to drive effective B2B results with geotargeting and retargeting

  1. Find their footprints: Two great ways to find your audiences are by using Audience Insights and Lookalike Audiences.
    1. Use Audience Insights to review demographics and purchase behavior, as well as details around interests and lifestyle. This information will help you understand how to reach who currently connects with your brand. Tailor your creative and target prospects with interests and demographics based on these insights to change how they perceive your brand.
    2. Use Lookalike Audiences to find more people who look like your best customers.
  2. Some ads are better than others – Create ads that build awareness and consideration. An ad is only as “good” or effective as the quality of its composition. From how it’s written, to the images used, to making sure the call to action is functioning (no broken links!), in the digital space you have good creative options:
    1. Video – video is where it’s at. People are responding and appreciating video communications and it’s the best way to convey your “story.” Here’s our videographer’s reel samples – http://www.outerloopmedia.com/#!motion-reel/cee5 He does a great job at “capturing the essence” These are an example of long version videos which would live on the landing page, and a short 15-30 sec “clip” with a call to action would be the “ad” to entice a click through, a registration, a phone call or a memorable intention.
    2. Carousel – Leverage multiple images within a single ad experience.
    3. Link ads – A compelling image and a strong headline, a bit of descriptive info and a call to action make up a good link ad. Make sure your telling your prospects where they are linking to and what to expect when they get there. (learn more here: http://www.enradius.com/services/zip-code-targeted-advertising-products/ )
  3. Geofence actual addresses – trying to reach nurse executives? Geotarget a radius around medical campuses and around hospital systems with demographic overlays for nurses; managers. Want to engage corporate travelers? Geotarget Airports with demographic overlays for business traveler or specific industry profiles.
  4. Geofence by city or zip code – Need to reach broad regions? Added behavioral data can help you saturate a region to reach the right targets.
  5. Retarget – pixel your website and retarget visitors with ongoing marketing; Retargeting is a process in which a pixel is placed onto your website or into an outgoing email. Once a visitor comes to your site or opens your email, a cookie is placed on their computer.  This allows us to ‘re-serve’ your message to them as a way to re-engage and bring them back. A Pixel is code that instructs a website to take action.  There are actually (2) types of Pixels.  A retargeting pixel and a conversion pixel.  Ways to Retarget:
    1. Pixel Your Website
    2. Pixel placed in an out-going email
    3. Pixel placed in a video at ¼ , ½, ¾, or completion
    4. On Facebook by matching up email addresses in your database
  6. Conquest your conference – to add some zing to your typical conference exhibit – geotarget the location of your conference. Nothing like reinforcing the message of your day behind the booth with some powerful online exposure as conference goers catch up on their favorite news or entertainment back in the comfort of their hotel. And again, a week after, when they’re back at home (Yes! We can do that!)
  7. A/B test your messages; targets; and networks – validate what works. Use data to drive smart marketing decisions.

Don’t have time or the interest to do all this? Don’t panic, give us a call. We can help.

Enradius digital geotargeting and retargeting puts you in front of the business decision makers you are trying to reach. We have the expertise in developing digital strategy customized to your organizations’ goals and needs. And we practice real time monitoring of campaigns to make adjustments in order to maximize your impact. You don’t get  that from an automated platform. Try  the B2B geotargeting recommendations out for yourself or let us help you manage your digital campaigns. We’re good at it.

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